Worth Workplace Training was founded and is managed by Anita Khushalani.  Anita Khushalani has been an attorney for more than ten years and has a wealth of experience training and advising clients regarding labor and employment matters. In addition, Anita has worked as a human resources professional and manager.  In these roles, she has developed and delivered supervisory training in the insurance, telecommunications, travel, construction, real estate, and non-profit industries. Anita has a practical rather than academic approach to providing training, which provides managers with skills and knowledge that are immediately applicable on the job. 

Anita has also defended claims brought by employees and understands the importance that training has in avoiding lawsuits.  Many employment claims and lawsuits could be avoided if managers were aware of and complied with their obligations under the law. Conversely, managers who are unaware of the law may expose their companies to the risk of costly litigation from employees.

Anita founded Worth Workplace Training in an effort to aid companies in meeting their legal obligations, limiting their exposure, and providing a fair workplace for employees.  

Worth Workplace